Dennerle DE-SS8 Scaper's Soil 8L

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Dennerle DE-SS8 Scaper's Soil 8 Liter

Scaper’s Soil is an active growing substrate comprised of 100% natural raw substances that was specially developed for aquaria. It supplies all the essential minerals and trace elements that aquarium plants require each day through its carefully selected natural soils. The irregularly shaped grains have a width in the range of 1 to 4 mm. This gives the substrate a natural-looking appearance in addition to allowing ideal flow though the soil. Plant roots can easily grow into Scaper’s Soil; thus it provides the perfect basis for vigorous, strong plant growth and vibrant colors. Mosses also benefit from this in the form of lush growth and beautiful green leaves. The deep black shade really makes the bright green plants stand out.

There are three reasons why Scaper’s Soil effectively deters algae:

1.     The specific nutrient formula results in the minerals mainly benefiting the plants instead of the algae.

2.     The nutrient buffer function: similar to a battery, extra nutrients are taken from the water and only released to the plants when required.

3.     Just as healthy, plentiful grass is the greatest defense against weeds in your lawn, well-growing aquatic plants are the strongest opponents of algae in your aquarium.



§  Contains fertile volcanic soil

§  Provides biological filtering for crystal-clear water

§  Actively produces soft, mildly acidic water (approx. pH 6-6.5, KH 0-2 °d)

§  Twice-baked for long-term water stability

§  Supreme in combination with CO2 fertilization

§  Contains valuable humic and fulvic acids

§  Perfect for plants, fish and shrimps that like soft, mildly acidic water

§  Great for bottom filters (shrimp breeding)


Scaper’s Soil’s active ion exchange properties lower the pH value and stabilizes it at a slightly acidic level (approx. 6.0-6.5). At the same time, it reduces the carbonate hardness – down to about 0°d KH depending on the water source – and as a result makes the water substantially softer. Scaper’s Soil generates water levels that are similar to what many tropical aquarium plants and fish would have in the wild. Soft, mildly acidic water is, for instance, perfect for most South American ornamental fish like neon tetra, scalars, and discus.

This substrate stabilizes the pH level which makes it safe to use in combination with CO2 fertilization. The porous surface offers the ideal substrate for the colonization of key cleansing bacteria, thus ensuring sparkling water and healthy living conditions for your inhabitants. At the same time Scaper’s Soil absorbs many harmful substances directly from the water.

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