Dennerle V30 Complete Fertilizer 50ml DE-V30

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Dennerle V30 Complete Basic Fertilizer 50ml DE-V30

§  V30 Complete provides aquatic plants with comprehensive nutrition for robust, luxurious growth.

§  All nutrients and nutritional substances are accessible in a form that the plants are able to use directly.

§  Key trace elements such as iron and manganese encourage large, plentiful green leaves.

§  Red and rust-colored leaves are intensified and beautiful markings made clearer.

§  Container features an easy-push dispenser

§  From Europe’s large aquarium plant nursery


V30 Complete alleviates nutrient deficiencies in a targeted way, boosts the plants from the inside out, and averts growth stagnation.

Tremendously effective protective covers known as chelate keep the minerals obtainable to the plants for a long period of time. Symptoms caused by a lack of vitamins are reduced in the long term, and the plants return to a superb green. Guaranteed phosphate and nitrate free - does not promote algae.

INFO: V30 Complete as a general purpose fertilizer

When you are just starting out and learning about aquarium plants, V30 Complete can also be used as an all-purpose fertilizer. For best results however, we suggest use with the Dennerle fertilization system.

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