Dennerle S7 VitaMix 50ml DE-S7

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Dennerle S7 VitaMix 50ml DE-S7

With Dennerle S7 Vitamix, your aquarium is supplied with important trace elements and vital substances. Symptoms of nutrient deficiency will disappear.

In nature, vitamins, plant enzymes and other organic agents continually regenerate. Aquariums lack access to sunlight and other natural sources of nutrients. That’s why regular supplements are essential.  S7 VitaMix provides aquatic plants with all the key vitamins and other necessary substances.



§  Includes boron, iron and manganese

§  Fosters healthy, uniform development

§  For abundant green leaves and deep, brilliant colors

§  Excellent as part of the Dennerle fertilizing system (V30, E15, S7)

§  Features easy push dispenser

§  From Europe’s large aquatic plant nursery


Crucial micronutrients
Numerous minerals, trace elements, and other vital substances are required for keeping aquarium plants as well as fish and filter bacteria. These nutrients should be added regularly to your aquarium because there are usually not enough of them in tap water.

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