Dennerle Scaper's Green 100ml DE-SG

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Dennerle Scaper's Green Aquascaping Fertilizer 100ml DE-SG

Perfect blend of active ingredients for sophisticated plant aquariums

§  Includes all essential substances and trace elements

§  Multiple stabilized nutrients create long-lasting effects

§ Promotes gorgeous green leaves and extremely bright colors


Scaper's Green is a high-performance fertilizer that has been formulated expressly for aquascaping aquariums and sophisticated plant aquariums, i.e. aquariums with high nutrient requirements due to:

§  crowded planting

§  fast-growing species

§  high illumination levels (> 1 watt per liter of tank water)

§  CO2-fertilization

§  weekly 30-50% partial water changes

§  lack of fish

Scaper’s Green has high nutrient concentrations and fast nutrient availability, which make it outstanding for your aquatic plants. The nutrient ratios have been chosen so that all micronutrients are absorbed by the plants in nearly equal proportions. Therefore, even with long-term, consistent use there is no damaging accumulation of individual nutrients. A deficiency of micronutrients can be circumvented with appropriate dosage and use of Scaper's Green.

Like all Dennerle liquid fertilizers, Scaper's Green is very stable, which means it has lasting, constant effects. In some other fertilizers, the active minerals break down quickly, which can be identified as a dark brown discoloration, and lose their effects.

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