Dennerle Alternanthera Reineckii 'Lila' In Vitro Live Plant DE-30054 A06

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Dennerle Alternanthera Reineckii 'Lila' Invitro Live Plant A06 Plantit Cup DE-30054

This variety of Alternanthera gets its name from the vibrant purple-colored undersides of its leaves. With good light levels, the new growth is extremely compact and the leaves are close together. This colorful stem plant is also suitable for the midground thanks to its very slow growth. However, it needs frequent trimming so that it doesn’t cover the background plants. A nutrient-rich substrate and a good CO2 supply ensure successful cultivation in the aquarium.

In Vitro Plant-it cups also contain many tiny plantlets that can be separated and spread throughout your tank, so you get great value for your money.

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Red plants have a tendency to die back when planted in a tank, but will recover in a week or two with good lighting and CO2 dosing.


• A brilliantly colored stem plant with crimson and violet-tinged leaves

• For the mid- to background in small tanks

• Top-seller for aquascapes

• Routine trimming and feeding reqired

• Ideal temps 22 to 28°C (72 to 82°F)

• CO2 20 to 30mg/L

• Each specimen is sent in a watertight culture cup and is guaranteed free of disease, algae, snails, and other unwanted organisms

• Acclimation is not required because the leaves are submerged in the cup

• “How to Plant” care instructions printed inside the label

• Keep sealed in temperatures ranging from 72 to 78° and daylight until ready to plant

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