Dennerle Perfect Plant System Large DE-PPSL

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Dennerle Perfect Plant System Complete Fertilizer Set Large DE-PPSL

Dennerle’s Perfect Plant system has three different types of fertiliser: two basic formulas and one supplemental formula. The V30 Complete fertilizer and E15 FerActive fertilizer should be used every four weeks, and S7 VitaMix should be dispensed every week. To make dosing V30 and S7 simpler, check out the Dosater Automatic Doser.

The Perfect Plant fertilization system

Basic fertilisers E15 Iron and V30 Complete are comprised of vital substances which can endure in a tank for extended periods. Nutrients which cannot be built up and which are expended promptly are included in S7 Vitamix. Accordingly, S7 should be used on a weekly schedule.

V30 Complete

V30 Complete makes up nutrient deficiencies in a targeted manner, boosts the plants from the inside out, and encourages quick growth. A 50ml container of V30 is included in this box.

E15 FerActiv Iron

E15 FerActiv iron fertilizer makes sure that leaves have an attractive, fresh green hue by offering them divalent nutrient iron (or “white” iron). 20 tablets are included with this bundle.

S7 VitaMix

The vitamin complex concentrate VitaMix offers your plants all the vitamins and other vital substances necessary in the short term. A 50ml bottle of S7 is included with this kit.

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